The battle for local media will be won on the smart phone and StormPins is changing the way we communicate breaking news.

Hyper-Local Breaking News

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StormPins turns you into a local reporter sharing your pin alerts with local TV, emergency managers, and your community.



TV Broadcasting App

Local broadcasters and city officials can drop breaking news or crime-related pins. With a software development kit (SDK), StormPins can be integrated into any mobile application.


Emergency Managers

For local government, police, and sheriff departments, we recommend PinResponder, a city-wide, social media platform.

I like how I can get a real first-person view of what is happening Dave Adamec

It’s a great tool to have to know what’s going on around you with the weather and other incidents.

Gary Botkins

Great new weather app. From a start up. Worth your time to give a try! Bennett Reiss

Taking people by surprise is going to be impossible now!   Hurricane Wilfred 2014