We help you get breaking news and eyewitness weather on air and online before your competition.

Hyper-Local Breaking News

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StormPins turns you into a local reporter sharing your pin alerts with local TV, emergency managers, and your community.



TV Broadcasting App

Local broadcasters and city officials can drop breaking news or TV station branded Pins. StormPins generates unique UGC from eyewitnesses rather than scraped from shared social sources.


Emergency Managers

For local government, police, and sheriff departments, we recommend PinResponder, a city-wide, social media platform.

I like how I can get a real first-person view of what is happening Dave Adamec

It’s a great tool to have to know what’s going on around you with the weather and other incidents.

Gary Botkins

Great new weather app. From a start up. Worth your time to give a try! Bennett Reiss

Taking people by surprise is going to be impossible now!   Hurricane Wilfred 2014